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Münzen Modes is a modern service company specialising in organising numismatics trade fairs. Since 1970, the world renowned numismatics trade fair NUMISMATA has been the principal meeting place of the specialist world.

The trade fair takes place 3 times per year: in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. Every time, it is a large international event, bringing together up to 300 exhibitors and several thousand visitors and professional buyers. We provide a platform on which the attendees can sell, buy, find information, meet like-minded people and make contacts. Many years of experience as well as our commitment make us experts in the area of organising numismatics trade fairs. Our customers can always count on our support, co-operation and flexibility.


Our performance and service in the context of the NUMISMATA trade fair include:

● Renting out the exhibition space,

● Equipping the exhibition space with tables, table coverings and chairs,

● Renting out furniture such as glass cabinets, steel cabinets and much more,

● Designing and constructing the boxes,

● Advising exhibitors on the design of the exhibition space, for the optimisation and efficiency of their fair appearance,

● Provision of the security room for the storage of valuables,

● Organising the optimum framework conditions for trade fair attendees.


Our principal task:

● To promote, publicise and optimise our trade fair events in order to promote numismatics in general.

   This is the challenge to which we have committed ourselves!!!


The attendance of many prestigious companies, auction houses and mints from various countries gives visitors the opportunity to benefit from the vast range from the entire spectrum of numismatics and even philately at NUMISMATA Berlin, which is available here in abundance and forms a large part of the trade fair in Berlin. Among other things, visitors to the trade fair can follow the development of currency from cowry through coin to banknote, as an extensive range of coins is available from the ancient world to modern times, such as securities, shares and paper money. Furthermore, the trade fair ranges include specialist literature, accessories, storage systems and much more. Professional valuations and competent consultations on the topic of collecting and investing are the order of the day and form part of the service at the trade fair.